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      • Effectiveness of Multilateral Environmental Agreements: Theory and Practice

        With Prof. Peter Sand, Lecturer at the Institute of International Law of the University of Munich

        Go through the videos of the and presentation to learn about:

        • The three aspects of treaty effectiveness: legal, behavioral and ecological effectiveness.
        • How three agreements have addressed their effectiveness 



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        • Aspects relating to the effectiveness of Multilateral Environmental Agreements

          With Sylvia Bankobeza, Legal Officer at the Law Division, UN Environment

          Access this section to learn about different aspects and tools to improve effectiveness of Multilateral Environmental Agreements, for example:

          • The functions of the Conference of the Parties
          • The purpose of a financial mechanism? 
          • The objective of a compliance mechanism established in the Montreal Protocol



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          • Compliance with Multilateral Environmental Agreements 

            With Maria Socorro Manguiat, Senior Legal Officer at UN Environment and Prof. Harro van Asselt, Law School University of Eastern Finland

            Access this section to learn about the importance of compliance, including: 

            • The difference between compliance, implementation and enforcement
            • The reasons why States would not always comply 
            • The steps to promote implementation and compliance 
            • The structure of compliance mechanisms
            • Sanctions and dispute settlement



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            • The non-compliance procedure in the Montreal Protocol 

              With Harro van Asselt, Professor of Climate Law and Policy, UEF Law School

              Access this section to learn the main features of the Montreal Protocol´s non-compliance procedure, such as: 

              • The function and composition of the Implementation Committee
              • The key compliance obligations 
              • An overview of the non-compliance procedure
              • Recommendations and list of measures



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              • The Compliance Mechanism in the Kyoto Protocol 

                With Maria Socorro Manguiat, Senior Legal Officer, UN Environment Law Division

                Access this section to learn the main features of the Kyoto´s Protocol Compliance Mechanism, including: 

                • The Expert Review under Kyoto
                • The mandate and means of the Enforcement Branch
                • The mandate and means of the Facilitative Branch 
                • A few examples illustrating the work of the compliance mechanism



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                • Compliance Mechanism in the context of biodiversity-related multilateral environmental agreements

                  With Elisa Morgera (PhD), Professor of Global Environmental Law at Strathclyde Law School and Director of the Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance (Glasgow, UK)

                  Access this section to learn how Biodiversity-related Conventions address compliance, including: 

                  • CITES´evolutionary regimen, national legislation project and review of significant trade
                  • Convention on Biological Diversity options for a review mechanism
                  • Nagoya Protocol´s Compliance Committee



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                  • Compliance Mechanisms in the context of chemical-related multilateral environmental agreements

                    With Juliette Voinov Kohler, Legal Officer, the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions

                    Access this section to about Compliance under the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions. including:  

                    • The Basel Convention Implementation and Compliance Committee
                    • The negotiation under the Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions of a non-compliance mechanism



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                    • Measuring effectiveness – The Stockholm Convention Effectiveness Evaluation Process

                      With M.E. Anne Daniel, LL.B., LL.M., General Counsel, Department of Justice Canada

                      Access this section to learn how the process of measuring the effectiveness of the Stockholm Convention, including: 

                      • The legal basis and purpose of the evaluation
                      • The Effectiveness Evaluation Framework and its Committee 
                      • The challenges in the Evaluation



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